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May 19 2011

 The price of Silver has gone down to about $35.00 per oz., so Grandma's sterling silver tea set is safe from the melting pot, fore now at lest. Shown is a Sterling Silver antique salt cellar and pepper shakers. These are to be admired, and used, not for the melting pot. Check them, and other items, out  at  


May 02 2011

 With SILVER near $50.00 per oz, and most likely to go higher, many a Grandma  Sterling Tea set is being sold just to get the Silver. This is most unfortunate because these can not be replaced. I have some Sterling Silver items for sale. Buy them and enjoy them, and use them with care, but if you will do not melt them down.

 Back in 1930 The Mantle Lamp Company of America, noted for making Aladdin kerosene lamps, started manufacturing Aladdin Electric Lamps. This continued until 1955. Many of these early table lamps, not only had the main bulb for light, but had a bulb that would light the base. This would make an attractive subtle light or night light. These Aladdin Electric Lamps are well suited for today's decor. The one shown was made in 1949.

 By 1950 only 46% of the farms in the USA had electricity (History Channel), that would also mean that if you lived out in the country and away from town you did not have electricity either. So what did you use for light? Well are were candles, kerosene lamps, gasoline lamps, and gas lamps using bottled gas.  Candles do not give off much light, gasoline lamps are noisy and dangerous.  To install gas pipes for gas lights is not cheap. Aladdin Lamps use a mantle and kerosene for fuel, and provide enough light to read by, while being quiet. These Aladdin Lamps were widely used in the 1920s through the 1950s.

Taffrail Log

Mar 06 2011

We have a  large Taffrail Log in stok.

This Taffrail Log is made for a  large boat. Would be great for your Fish Market, Fish and Chip Shoppe, or any Marine decor. 

  Many years ago Hewlett Packard made very accurate clocks. They were also the first to make hand held calculators, so they put the two together and came up with a Calculator Watch, that one can wear on the wrist. Check out the HP-01 under Clocks and Watches. These are really rare watches.

Safer Fuel More Light

Dec 30 2010

 Aladdin Lamps were the first practical lamps to use a safer non-pressurized fuel, kerosene. They produced enough light to read by. 

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